Business Books

Business Books

How not to start and run your own business
How not to start and run your own business
Author(s): Scott Cundill
Publisher: Zulu Planet Publishers
Published: 10/1/2006
Format: Softcover
The reality check that the business community so dearly needed is about to hit bookstores as Scott Cundill tears apart the fabric of the entrepreneurial world in his hilarious, yet chillingly realisti
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Management shapers

The Will to Learn: A Guide for Motivating Young People
Author: Martin V. Covington

Martin Covington introduces the basic principles of motivation as they apply to classroom learning in a readable, non-technical form and provides strategies for motivating students.
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Essential Managers Appraising staff
Essential Managers: Appraising Staff
Author(s): Christina Osborne; Ken Langdon
Published: 8/30/2001
Format: Softcover
Part of a series that provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the key skills needed to succeed in business, this guide provides advice on how to manage staff appraisals, from defining and co....
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cash flow quadrant
Author(s): Robert Kiyosaki 
Publisher: LITTLE BROWN & CO 
Published: 12/1/2001 
Format: Paperback
This amazing follow-up to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" reveals the successful strategies necessary for moving beyond just job security to greater financial success by generating wealth from four selective fin 
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Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth 
Author(s): Robert G. Allen 
Publisher: Nightingale-Conant Corporation 
Published: 1/1/2002 
Format: Audio CD 
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Retire young retire rich
Retire Rich, Retire Young: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever! 
Author(s): Robert T Kiyosaki 
Publisher: Warner 
Published: 4/4/2002 
Format: Paperback 
How to get rich quickly and stay rich forever. Built upon Kiyosaki's own personal experiences, this shows how you can take advantage of smart investments in real estate and in the stock market to help 
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Internet Riches
Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires
Author(s): Scott Fox
Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association
Published: 5/1/2006
Format: Hardcover
Getting rich on the Internet is no longer about IPOs and venture capital. These days, it's easier and cheaper than ever to start an Internet business. In this strategy-packed guide, Scott Fox reveals....
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One Minute Millionare

One Minute Millionaire 
Author(s): Mark Victor Hansen; Robert Allen 
Publisher: Vermilion 
Published: 10/31/2002 
Format: Paperback 

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Rich dad poor dad 2
Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money--That You Don't Learn in School!
Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki; Sharon L. Lechter

This just-for-teen title builds a foundation of self-confidence from which readers can realise their dreams of financial security in an increasingly challenging and unreliable job market.
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